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Revell VW Beetle 1500 Convertible

I've had a few of these in the stash waiting to be built, and while waiting for a delivery of some 5 minute epoxy so I could carry on with the '48 Ford convertible, and instead of doing nothing I decided to open one of these while I was waiting for the supplies to arrive.

All of the recent Revell models I've built, (Mini Cooper,VW Beetle,and three Trabants) have all been enjoyable and great models to put together, parts fit is without fault, will this one be any different ?

As with all builds, I always start with the bodyshell, Once I get that right, I crack on with the rest of the build, there were only a few and very minor mold lines to remove, which only too a few minutes with a medium grade sanding stick, it was then primed in Hycote grey plastic primer. and left to dry for 24 hours, then giving it a light sanding with 3600 grade paper, and then carried on with the gloss coats, which was Volkswagen marine blue cellulose airbrushed using my Paasche VL double action airbrush, it will now be left to dry while I carry on with the rest of the build, then the body and body parts will get wet sanded and polished.

The interior, floorpan and seats were all first primed, then given a few coats of automotive satin black acrylic, the interior was then masked (middle left photo), as that's where the front seat need to be fitted and any flocking would not be helpful here, the flocking was applied in the usual way of applying PVA based glue and then sprinkling on the flocking using a fine strainer to make sure it wasn't applied too thickly, and then pressing it down using finger pressure and a wooden stick to make sure it got into all the corners.

The wheels and the running boards, again like the saloon version were supplied as parts of the chrome sprue, and as I did with the saloon version were stripped of the chrome, and after putting on a couple of coats of primer, the running boards were airbrushed in satin black while the wheel were painted silver using Tamiya silver leaf, decanted from the aerosol and applied with an airbrush, after the silver had dried out the chrome hubcaps were replicated by using chrome Bare Metal Foil.

Flocking applied to replicate the carpet. front & rear seats fitted, centre console, gearlever and steering wheel fitted, Bare Metal Foil was used to replicate the chrome horn ring on the steering wheel.

Chassis finished, it was first primed and then airbrushed satin black, front steering & suspension was fitted, and then the engine and gearbox and rear suspension was fitted

Interior side panels were first primed and then airbrushed in VW Marine blue to match the bodywork, the parts that need to be kept body colour were masked up using Tamiya masking tape, the exposes areas will now be airbrushed in satin black.

The dashboard was first primed, then airbrushed satin black, and set aside to dry, after it had dried, it was masked up (See top right photo), and the padded dash top and centre section was airbrushed in coal black, to match the reference photo's I've got, (See centre top photo's)

The interior side panels were masked up, as they had previously been painted body colour, and the door cards and molded in seat belts were painted in satin black acrylic, after the paint had dried and all the masking tape removed, the seat belt buckle and the door latch lever were picked out using chrome bmf to replicate the chrome that the 1:1 had on these parts, they were then glued into place on the floorpan.

Photo's Below :- Showing the model finally finished