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Trabant P601 Universal Lieferwagen

After building the saloon version of this model and at the moment I'm building the Universal version of the Trabant 601, see here,  and apart from the Kubel or Tramp version of the Trabbi, the Lieferwagen (Van) is the only other one that I can build but modifying the Revell model, 

The side panels come out of the press with the rear side windows filled in, these are then cut out to make the window opening for the Universal model, the van models, these are just left in place, so filling in the rear windows have to look like they are part of the side panel and not just filled in afterwards.

I had a small amount of plastic card left, so the rear windows were used as templates and the outline was drawn onto the plastic card and cut out using a small steel rule and a scapel blade, a few scores were made then the plastic was snapped on the line leaving a clean line, a little sanding was needed to get the panels to fit into the recess meant for the windows, the plastic panels were fixed into place using liquid cement and left to dry, after the cement had dried the slight gap around the edges were filled in using a two part polyester putty.

Photo above :- side panels cut out of plastic card, and right showing window used as a template to trace onto the plastic card.

Photo Below :- Showing the rear interior panel which needs to be cut out and replaced with a plain panel.

Photo above :- 

shows the interior side panel fixed into place temporary, I'm pretty happy with the fit, now I need to make a floor and a bulkhead, the seats will need to be fitted before I can work out where the bulkhead needs to be fitted.

Photo left :-

Rear suspension top support panel fitted to inner wheel arch

Rear lamp housing fitted

Seat backrest fitted to seat front, once dry it will get filled in with 2 part bondo and sanded smooth afterwards

Photo's Above :- front seats primered, looks like the headrest was never there.

Inner wings and bulkhead held in place with spring clips while the liquid cement dries, the bulkhead and wings are supposed to be fitted after the front transverse leaf spring has been fitted, but doing it this way gives a stronger joint, and being able to paint all parts as one unit makes for better looking paintwork, photo on the right shows the inner wings and bulkhead removed from the chassis after the glue had dried.

Photo Above :- Flocking done on the floor to replicate the carpeting 

Photo Above :- Rear floor section, made from 40 thou' styrene sheet, then strips of 1.5mm strip added to replicate the ribbed floors that commercial vehicles usually have.

Photo above :- shows the window panel filled in with the previously cut out plastic card.

Photo below :- showing the interior panel cut out ready for the plain panel to be fitted, this was done by scoring the panel on the line until I broke through the plastic, the trick is to go slow and not rush.

Above :- Front spotlamps removed from bumper

Front seat headrest removed

Photo Above :- Interior floorpan masked up and painted satin black

Photo Above :- Side interior panel after being first painted body colour then masked off so the door panels and load bay panels could be airbrushed in satin black acrylic.

Photo above :- shows the side panels filled in with 2 part putty, sanded smooth ready for a coat of primer, it needs to look like the panels have never been cut from the side of the bodyshell, and not added afterwards.

Photo Below:- shows the interior side panel fitted with the plain panel, it was held in place with strips of plastic strip behind the panel.

Photo's Above left & right and below left :-

shows the interior strengthening panel and support for the rear suspension damper and seat bracket and support, the green ones are from the Universal Trabant I'm building, but it shows the parts that need to be removed, the van version of the Trabant didn't have the brackets or the supports for the rear seat backrest, so they were removed and the plastic was sanded smooth ready to be fitted to the interior.

Rear wiper mounting hole in tailgate filled in with 2 part bondo

Rear wiper motor mounting hole filled in with styrene rod, this will be cut off and sanded smooth once the cement has dried

Photo Above & Left :- tailgate and tailgate inner panel in primer, the holes for the wiper arm and wiper motor are now gone.

Photo Above :- Body after a few coats of primer and sanded afterwards, I'm pretty pleased with the way it turned out.

Photo above :- here the template I've made out of cardboard, this can now be transferred onto plasticard to make the load bay floor.

Photo Above :- All body parts and parts that need to be painted body colour painted in genuine Trabant glacier Blue

Photo Above : Seat faces masked off and airbrushed in a dark grey, which was mixed 50:50 from Revell 302 & 378 enamels